Work hard, play hard, deliver more and perform better!

Do you want a world class team?

For you, world class might mean creative, innovative and forward thinking.

For others, it could mean happy employees that are engaged and eager to work.

For every business, a world class team is one that performs and delivers results
at the highest level.

But how are you going to build that world class team?

According to Harvard Business Review…

Evidence shows that teams who take regular time out to have some fun at work are not only more productive, but produce much higher quality of work and are:


HAPPIER in their role


Less likely to CALL IN SICK





Plus, creating a better culture will help you to attract and retain better people – something that every world-class team needs.

So, what is Fun at Work?

Fun at Work is part of The Fun Experts family, which believes that having fun makes good business sense. We’ve come up with an ingenious way for you to lease fun on a monthly basis!

We’re on a mission to help the nation have more fun at work and help businesses grow world class teams.

***We work with many different types of business but specialise in bringing higher performance and better culture into call/contact centres.***

With mental health and wellbeing within the workplace becoming more of a challenge than ever before, we
have the perfect
solution to help your company increase efficiency, happiness and
most importantly staff retention
AND productivity.

Mental health problems in work cost the UK economy £34.9bn through reduced performance, staff turnover and absence. 

The Mind Charity

The Solution, Fun at Work provides

Fun at Work will install a different piece of fun equipment into your office or place of work each month. Intelligently designed and backed by research to increase your staff engagement, happiness and team building, this injection of fun will have a dramatic impact on your business.

Each month’s item of fun comes with the tools and support materials you need to get the most out of it. Expect score cards, posters, suggested competitions and incentives.

All items meet the following criteria:

Age independent – so all staff can participate;
Competitive – to give purpose to the fun;
5-10 minutes ‘play’ time – so staff can get in, get out and get on with their day

There’ll be a nominated ‘Fun Expert’ (or small team of Fun Experts) in your business who we will train and support to make sure your business – and your staff – get all the benefits.

Once you’re up and running properly, you’ll be formally accredited and able to use the ‘Fun at Work’ badge in your marketing and recruitment material. This will help to promote your business as an amazing place to work through your social media and you’ll also be eligible for the awards to find the most fun place to work in the UK.

Here’s what Regatta Outdoors and Zuto had to say about Fun at Work…

Get Fun in your workplace – for all your staff, every month for under £500 per month

Who Benefits?


Talented, world class team that want to work hard.


Save up to £24,000 a year on recruitment costs.


Reduced stress, improved mental health and happier workplace.


Happier staff make a significant impact to the service they provide.

Some 80% of your life is spent working – why shouldn’t you have fun at work 

Sir Richard Branson

Billionaire and founder of the Virgin Group

What our clients say

“At Zuto, we’re proud to encourage fun in our workplace. It’s great to see members of our Contact Centre take a break and network with members from across our business.

Having fun in the workplace encourages team working, networking, a distraction from the every day and emphasises our fun culture. We’d recommend any workplace to do the same if they’re looking to boost their levels of engagement and productivity, especially in their contact centres.”

Louise Northcott

People and Culture Director, Zuto


Fun At Work