Who We Are?

Fun at Work is part of The Fun Experts family, which believes that having fun makes good business sense. 

With our range of incredible games and challenges each month, we really are The Fun Experts!

We’re a strong team of over fifty entertainment specialists who work to ensure that your office is as stress-free as possible, with intelligently designed games backed by research, to help your staff’s mental health and well-being…

Sunny Sandwell

Sunny Sandwell

Managing Director of Fun

“With 34% of employees claiming they plan to leave their current role in the next 12 months, it’s crucial that you give your team every reason to stay, and with business culture being most people’s top priority, it’s best to start there!

With Fun at Work, you’ll not only be driving the right culture, but known as the ‘BEST place to work’, meaning you’ll attract the most talented employees for that world-class team.”

All items meet the following criteria:

Age independent

so all staff can participate


to give purpose to the fun

5-10 minutes ‘play’ time

so staff can get in, get out and get on with their day

According to Harvard Business Review…

Evidence shows that teams who take regular time out to have some fun at work are not only more productive but produce a much higher quality of work and are:


HAPPIER in their role


Less likely to CALL IN SICK





Plus, creating a better culture will help you to attract and retain better people – something that every world-class team needs.