The Benefits to Fun At Work


A recent report by Oxford Economics revealed that the recruitment process to replace members of staff incurs a significant cost for employers: : £30,614 per employee. And with 75% of staff turnover preventable (HR Drive), businesses need to ask the question ‘what can I do differently to aid my employee retention?

Implementing Fun At Work isn’t just about transforming an office with exciting puzzles and stimulating brain puzzles, but helping organisations to shape a positive environment that fosters collaboration and a positive mindset for teams;

  • to give each member of staff the opportunity to reduce stress
  • decrease anxiety
  • encourage productivity
  • spread positivity

All of which help to attract and retain high calibre employees and ultimately prevent a vicious cycle of high recruitment fees and hours of valuable time deferred from engaging existing employees.


With 1 in 6 employees suffering from stress, anxiety or depression* (Mind UK) due to their workplace, businesses have a responsibility to ensure each employee is relieved from any intense pressures and mentally at ease within their job role.

Fun at Work allows an organisation to give each employee space to unload those unwanted worries from their weary shoulders, protecting their mental health and wellbeing.

Sparking creativity and flair, the best ideas can be fuelled when not forced and constrained sitting at a desk. Time-out to engage in fun and light-hearted activity gives employees a mental break to re-boost, repower and readjust, in order to return to their desk refreshed and energized for the task in hand.



Corporate culture has arguably always been important, but more so in recent years as the modern workplace continues to evolve. Forbes distils three clear benefits to having a strong, unified company culture underlying the business’s operation:

  • Identity
  • Retention
  • Image

Your company culture influences what your business stands for, who is attracted to work for you and add to your brand identity. It gives you a competitive advantage.

So why not make your business appeal to all stakeholders?

Every employee wants to work for a bright and cool company, with modern vibes that radiate the values of the business culture. Introducing Fun at Work will not only build your credibility and reputation but will influence your current staff to stay loyal, resulting in increased retention.

Whether you’re the Managing Director, or Human Resources, you won’t believe how significant it will be for your business and world class team until you try it.

Businesses across the UK have already climbed on board with implementing Fun At Work, recognising the adoption of trying something new and as a result observing the positive shift in performance, drive and overall atmosphere across teams. 

These companies know how to have Fun At Work…