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How to fit fun into your working week

This week’s blog from Fun At Work looks at how fitting some fun into your work schedule can massively improve your employee engagement and boost overall productivity. From human motivation, to 15-minute tea breaks, we look at them all.

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Physical benefits of happiness

Happiness isn’t just a buzzword; the things happiness allows us as humans to do is astonishing! This week Fun at Work present their latest blog looking at how happiness in your life or employee’s life can have a number of physical benefits for everyone involved.

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How healthy is competition in the workplace?

A healthy source of competitiveness in your office and among your employees can have a positive effect on the overall productivity of your workforce? We will be informing you on how and why you should implement a small competitive culture into your offices.

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Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health is a hot topic within organisations for a couple of years now and you need to make sure as an employer that you are addressing it. This week the Fun at Work examine how you can implement procedures to help combat mental well-being in the workplace.

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Jaw dropping figures about employee engagement

Are you oblivious to the effects of how employee engagement can make or break your organisation? Maybe you’re looking to bring the cold hard figures to the attention of your employer? The latest blog from Fun at Work is definitely an inciteful one you shouldn’t miss.

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Employee Rewards: Intrinsic or Extrinsic?

Today we live in an exciting time where the employment industry is completely diverse when you look at the age range. Did you ever stop to think that the difference in age could mean a difference in motivation? We ask, what exactly is fueling your employees?

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