Contact Centres

One type of workplace in which our service has proved to have a massively positive effect is call centres.

“Contact centre jobs are often high pressure roles, with large targets to meet and a fast-paced environment.  They have even been called the sweat-shops of the 21st century.”

One of our clients, Zuto, is a contact centre for car finance.
They genuinely care about their staff and didn’t want their work environment to be like other call centres. They got in touch with us as they wanted to create a space for their employees which would allow them to get away from their desks, take a break but also have fun at the same time.

We had a chance to sit down with the People and Culture Director at Zuto, Louise Northcott to get feedback on the effect Fun at Work is having in their offices.

“At Zuto, we’re proud to encourage fun in our workplace. We know that by introducing new ways to have fun our teams are at their highest level of productivity. We’re all about teamwork and the opportunity to get involved in competition brings everyone together. It’s great to see members of our Contact Centre take a break and network with members from across our business.

Our active encouragement builds a culture where we stand out from other contact centres. Our teams know we want them to take regular breaks, sitting at a desk with headphones in all day is unproductive and culture of the past!

Having fun in the workplace encourages team working, networking and a distraction from the everyday. We’d recommend any workplace to do the same if they’re looking to boost their levels of engagement and productivity, especially in their contact centres.”

Fun at Work has also made a difference to staff retention and recruitment, people look to their social media pages to get a feeling of the atmosphere at workplaces. With Fun at Work coming every month it strongly helps Zuto come across as a fun and engaging place to work.

We spoke to Nick, one of the sales team members and recent non-smoker. He told us how the Fun at Work has helped him continue his quest in stopping smoking, by giving him a fun alternative that helps keep him preoccupied during his breaks.

According to him, the Fun at Work equipment has brought people together in the office that wouldn’t normally get a chance to communicate over a shared love for fun.

“Here at Fun At Work, we strongly believe that having fun makes seriously good business sense.”

We cannot wait to continue bringing the fun and excitement to call centres and so many more businesses!