Engaging with your People
(when working at home!)

Life, work, everything…it can be quite overwhelming at the moment. Our Work / Life balance is very much up in the air as we try to juggle all the things that current times have thrown at us. One thing that we can’t loose site of right now is how we engage with our teams. How do we care for the wellbeing of our teams, and in turn their families, during the current situation?

We’d like to share with you the ways in which we are engaging with our teams when working with home. Feel free to download this information and introduce these ideas to your team.

“The greatest asset of a company is its people.” 

 Meeting Warm Ups

Staring at the screen for 40 minutes (or longer if you’ve upgraded your Zoom!) can be tough, so break up your virtual meeting with a Warm Up. Whether a game of ‘Grab It’ at the start, where you send your teams off around their house to find a certain object…we’ve some fantastic ideas we can share with you.

Invite A Special Guest

Add some excitement with a mystery special guest at the start, end or during your virtual meeting.

You can entertain with a magician or celebrity perhaps, or invite a customer or supplier to join you and check in.

Afternoon Tea

Invite everyone for a coffee morning, dress up for the occasion or even order Afternoon Tea to be delivered to your teams and dine together (virtually).

Virtual Book Club

A club classic and with time to catch up on the latest reads – whether it’s business or pleasure, fact or fiction – set up your own Virtual Book Club.

Homework Challenge

Set some (Fun!) homework for the next meeting. From a ‘Bake-Off’ challenge to learning a new fact or even a new skill to showcase.

MTV Cribs

We’re opening the doors to our homes so have some fun with this 90’s throwback. Show as much or as little as you like, a tour of your home office or the whole home. You could even get the family involved!

Dress Up Friday

After a long week it’s time to unwind and relax. Whether you want to don your handbags and gladrags or go for fun with Fancy Dress, have a dress up Friday with your colleagues…or if you’re feeling brave, let the kids do your Monday morning make-up!

Virtual Quiz

The perfect way to engage your teams – so much so, that yes, everyone is doing it. But, be sure to have fun and make it about you!

Rounds could include a Face Swap of colleagues, re-enact famous movie scenes with the family, questions about your business as well as classic general knowledge and music rounds.

There are some fantastic apps that can help you add a fun twist to your rounds and we’d be more than happy to share with you how we do ours!

Introduce Your Pet

We’ve had ‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’, now let’s shine the spotlight on our pet Iguanas, Alpacas, Parrots or even Tarantulas.

Introduce those weird and wonderful pets that perhaps aren’t normally best suited to the office environment virtually.

30 Day Challenge

Set a fun 30 Day Challenge for you all to take part in. You could tie it in with your business / industry or just have fun. Whether you need your employees to take photos or videos of proof, you can all share the results together.

And Finally…Talk!

Sometimes, people just need to talk. But be mindful of them being ready to. Despite all the fantastic tools we have access to, this is the farthest and longest we have ever been apart. Sometimes we just need to talk…make sure your employees, your colleagues, your teams have that platform and access to you when they need it. It can be just a ‘1 to 1’ and it doesn’t always have to be about work.

Look after you…your wellbeing is important.

For more information on how you can introduce these ideas in to your own Working at Home Engagement, simply fill out the form below and we would be more than happy to get in touch with you and discuss.