Any Questions?

More often than not, businesses are more than willing to adopt these Innovative, Stress Relieving and Productivity Boosting Activities into their offices, as they instantly recognise the contribution it WILL make to creating a world class team.

However…we do get a handful of objections from business owners. So, if that’s you, then do not fear, as we have answered the most commonly asked questions down below. This SHOULD make your decision easier!

But my staff are here to work... not play. How is this going to help me?

With mental health and wellness within the workplace becoming more of a challenge than ever before, you can take this perfect solution to help your company increase efficiency, improve happiness, boost productivity and encourage staff retention. It’s important that you don’t see it as a waste of time, as Fun at Work really will benefit all areas of your business.

It transforms the way your staff work together and play together – breaking down barriers between teams, improving collaboration, strengthening team working and performing better, as a world class team!

I’ve tried this before and the football table is still unused, how can you guarantee that it won’t be the same this time?

We see this all the time. You have a piece of equipment gathering dust in the corner. You’ll probably remember when you first introduced your football table, with competitive games across the office, but after a few weeks the interest had died down. But, with a rotation of exciting and new games coming your way each month, it’s impossible to get bored quickly.

In fact, one of our clients commented that there is real excitement each month when the new equipment arrives. The staff can’t wait to see what we have. 

It takes up too much valuable space, where would I put it?

Some of the equipment does make noise and often those taking part make noise. In order to get the most Fun at Work, we recommend providing an area where this isn’t going to be a problem.

All items are designed to fit – and be used – in a space that is 3m x 3m.

Some businesses put the fun equipment in the main office, others prefer to use staff rest areas or even reception! We can be very flexible but to get the biggest benefits, it absolutely needs to be in a space where staff go past or go to on a daily basis.


When do we have time?

Once you’re a part of the Fun at Work family, you’ll nominate a member of your team to effectively be your ‘Fun Expert’. This can be an individual or a few (i.e. hr dept) will be in charge of any activities, so for example, a colleague has been praised for their excellent hard work and commitment, the ’Fun Expert’ will reward their dedication with a 5-minute game against Tom from Finance. You’d also be surprised at how many members of staff would love to play against their team during break and lunch times – their competitive side will soon show!

What if it doesn’t work? Can I cancel?

We recommend you give it at least 3 months to embed the concept and encourage staff to participate.

There’s no contract, so if you do wish to cancel, you can at any point. But with so many benefits at such an affordable price per month, why would you want to?

Why can't I just buy the equipment myself so I can keep it all the time?

If you can guarantee that your colleagues won’t get tired of the same old game over and over, then go ahead – we can even provide the equipment for you at a cost-effective price. But, that’s only if you are adamant. Our intelligently designed fun equipment increases your staff engagement, happiness and team building, this injection of fun can have such a dramatic impact on the culture in your business, why let that fade by sticking with the same old game?

Keep the productivity and creativity alive with Fun at Work!

Can we have more than one piece of equipment?

Yes you can have multiple items either all together or in different areas around your workplace. We work with you to find the best solution to fit your requirements dependant on numbers and layout of the space you have available and the outcome you want to achieve from having fun.

What area do you cover?

We cover the whole of the UK. We have offices based in the North and South of England that allow us to travel the breadth of the nation to deliver Fun At Work to your business.

Can we choose the equipment?

There is an element of surprise that adds to the excitement of Fun At Work, when your teams don’t know what is coming next!

Our formula for employee engagement is based on a tried and tested monthly rotation schedule, featuring set equipment that is accessible by all, promotes team work bringing people and teams together, engages and motivates through its quick ‘play’ time and brings purpose to fun.

We are so confident that this will work for you that we will give you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t want the equipment in the first month

If you have any more questions … just ask. We would love to speak to you.