Competition in the workplace doesn’t mean a frenzy where the winning team becomes the favoured child whilst the losing team becomes the Blacksheep of the organisation. Going about it that way is 100% counter-intuitive.

Unlike the televised sports version, a little bit of in-office competition can be quite good for the productivity of your workforce.

[Disclaimer] When encouraging competition in the workplace, beware not to let it get out of hand. If competitiveness within the workplace remains unchecked, it can escalate to the point where undermining, backstabbing and a “me me me” mantra can begin to mould the team dynamic of employees.

With that being said, this latest blog will provide you with insight into the effects of competition amongst employees and how it can actually increase the overall productivity of a workforce.  

1) Competitiveness can be constructive for a companies culture

When there is a shared goal amongst employees, we as a human being naturally encourage our teammates to demonstrate creativity, productivity and breed motivation amongst their peers.

Furthermore, It’s important to note that competition isn’t just about the success stories or creating winners, it’s also about creating determination, resilience and strong personalities amongst employees.

2) It’s all about how you compete

If history has shown us anything, it’s that when somebody loses, their whole attitude begins to turn negative. This can come in the form of namecalling, excuses and foul mouthing the competition. 

So how do you keep it all in jest when it comes to the office? Always keep switching up the team dynamic, Every month you completely restructure the team composition.  This ensures that if some people are competing against each other one month, will be working hand in hand the next to ensure no rivalry can manifest, therefore keeping a healthy flow of competition. 

3. collaboration is key

Contrary to popular belief, competitiveness and collaboration are not mutually exclusive. In order to have a notable impact on the competition, teams must rely on collaboration in order to show their effectiveness. 

Much like real-world projects, office competitions rely on everybody bringing their own particular skill sets to the table. Only is it through collaboration that employees can leverage from each other’s skills as opposed to having just one main body that it’s carrying the whole team to the finish.  

4. No matter the outcome – finish on a high!

Even if a team is going to finish stone cold last, it’s all about showing resilience in finishing what they started the best that they can. A bonus of being relieved from the pressures of winning can help teams to start focusing on their own personal achievements urging them to finish the course the best that they can. 

It’s pivotal for employers to make sure that they show their employees the positive lessons that can be learnt from challenges involving their peers. However, just like parenting, it’s critical not to cover them in bubble wrap and pretend that there is no such thing as winners or losers as this doesn’t help either team grow. 


It’s critical to note that whether coming away as a winner or a loser, employees should never stop learning and that is the most important outcome of healthy competition. 

Do you have any tricks or ideas when it comes to competitions within the workplace? If so, be sure to leave a comment below.