How to build a positive workplace following Covid

Who would have thought that in March 2019, almost two years ago, we would today still be talking about ‘working from home’ as a way to help end a pandemic. In the coming days and weeks though, things change again.

For so many businesses, the return to work has happened already and for some, businesses have embraced a new way of working – a hybrid way of working, from home, the office, or the local Costa (other coffee bars are available of course!).

The Fun Experts at Fun At Work have been back in the office since 2021 and have embraced the creativity, the energy and everything else that comes as part of this family away from home, that was missed so much when working from home.

And throughout the last 12 months, many other businesses have welcomed back their teams – whether it be following the end of furlough last September or after working from home.

But late last year, Plan B came into affect, and with it the guideline where if you can work from home, if your business has the infrastructure to do so, then so do it.

On January 19th, 2022 the Government will be discussing the end of Plan B, which will come into affect by the end of the month. A moment for us all to embrace of course, as it shows how far each of us has come since the start of the pandemic and the efforts each of us has gone through to get us here.

However, it’s to be expected and as was the case for some last year, where there may be concern. Or even so far as to say difficulty when bringing people back to the office following such extended times of working from home.

So, what’s your plan to welcome people back?

Is there something you need to change in your culture?

Do you have a positive workplace to return to?

Covid-19, for some businesses, opened up minds to change certain aspects, to adapt. And a question we found ourselves being asked often was how do we make our office environment more ‘appealing’, more ‘Fun’: how do we create a positive working environment after so long?

Creating a positive workplace…

…with Fun At Work


It goes beyond the simplicity of these 3 words. When introducing Fun At Work to your business, to your people, you’re on the road to creating a more positive workplace. But, as we say, it goes beyond just three words…

You need to embrace the purpose of it in order to not only see the benefits but to bring about a workplace where your employees want to come back to, that want to open the front door when they arrive each morning.

Fun At Work was born out of the question “What’s your secret? Why do your team love coming to work?”.

The Fun Experts have an open forum in which we work together, listen to each other and embrace what each and every individual brings to the team. Acknowledging that we spend 80% of our lives working, it’s important that after having spent so much time with our families, that the time away from them again feels worthy of it. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Through Fun At Work, you’re supported by The Fun Experts and given the ingredients you need to build a culture where your people want to give their best. With improving this, your business will see benefits (proven – check out our Case Studies) such as improved productivity, improved retention figures, improved engagement and morale.

All by introducing Fun At Work. Now that Plan B is coming to an end, is the time right for you?

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