Abraham Maslow wrote a paper in 1943 called “A Theory of Human Motivation” in Psychological Review. This paper introduced the Hierarchy of needs that provide a framework that outlines the key framework that indicates key motivators for human beings. 

 At the top of this hierarchy, Maslow shows how Self-Actualisation is integral to an individual’s well being. As an employer, you may be wondering how you would bring this into your work environment.


One way this can be achieved is through employees stretching their muscles in order to get their creative endorphins surging. However, the reality is that a lot of organisations tend to postpone this act of in-house exercise as they see it as “distracting”. 

However, if you were to actually create more of a fun and engaging atmosphere, an employee would be more productive, which in turn means more profitability.

The simple point of the matter is if work doesn’t promote a fun atmosphere, then you would just be enabling a boring and mundane workspace which will negatively affect employee productivity.

1. Have 15 minutes of “me” time every morning

This doesn’t mean employees should use this time to peruse Facebook or Instagram for their daily latest fix, instead, ask them “what 15 minuter activity would get them pumped for the day’s events. It may be some simple office yogaor a nice hot brew, Hobnob and magazine. Whatever their preference, use those 15 minutes to help them engage with their inner creativity and get those electrolytes sparking. 

2. Take care of yourself

How about adding these simple office hacks into your office environment? 

  • Bring in some fruit – As well as promoting a healthier lifestyle your employees will the love the idea of free food!
  • In office yoga – Once a week set aside the desks and 20 minutes to bring everybody together for a little midweek exercise to loosen up their joints
  • Recommend bedtimes – Let your employees know the ideal bedtime that will help them not only feel well rested but ready to attack the day’s challenges.

3. Decorate 

Employees tend to work 40hr weeks meaning that they spend on average 2080 hours inside the same office. So it only makes sense to add a lick of paint. Also, your office should be a clear reflection of your brand, by reflecting your brand in the office helps your employees remain focused on the core purpose of your organisation.

The Fun Experts over at Sunshine Events demonstrate this extremely well. Their core ethos is displayed on their office walls to help ensure that their employee’s values correctly coincide with that of Sunshine Events.

Are there any particular methods you use in your organisation to bring added fun into the working week?