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How to Improve Your Workplace Wellbeing
(in 10 Simple Steps!)

Wellbeing has become a part of everyday life, with thousands of social media posts being made daily to advise people on how to improve their wellbeing; but have you thought about how you can improve your workplace wellbeing?

As a business owner, you are likely to already know how hard it is to bring staff together, to find a suitable time for everyone to get together for team building, and to build moral… let alone how hard it is to please everyone, and how expensive it can be!

We’ve put together a short 10 step guide for you to promote mental welling in your workplace, enjoy!

As a business owner, it can be hard to keep your staff motivated and productive

1. Move away from Screens

We’re all aware that staring at screens all day isn’t healthy – whether we understand the discussions of ‘blue-light’ or not. It’s difficult to escape them – most people’s jobs revolve around using screens!

Encourage your staff to move away from screens on their break – outdoor spaces can really help with this, or even a small bookshelf that they can pick from.

If it’s possible, you could even introduce walking meetings! This provides an opportunity for a little movement and exercise in the day, without sacrificing any productivity.

Standing desks can eliminate the health risks associated with sitting down for 8 hrs+ per day

2. Introduce Standing Desks

Sitting at a desk is great and all, but have you ever thought of standing at your desk?

All the benefits of a desk, plus the opportunity to burn energy as your leg, core, and back muscles tense to balance – there’s nothing better!

Sedentary lifestyles create a genuine health risk and whilst sitting at your desk might not sound like the worst thing in the world, if you spend most of the day sitting, it will be having a detrimental effect.

When you stand up, your body remains active, which helps staff to stay focused and energised.

3. Create a Fitness Challenge

Fitness challenges encourage teamwork, friendly competition, and a lot of fun!

These don’t have to be expensive days out of the office which will affect productivity either – it can be as simple as a daily steps competition.

This provides numerous benefits: a competitive spirit, the potential for improved fitness, and the opportunity for time away from desks! (Which is great according to point one)

Office plants provide a distraction from frustrating tasks AND provide cleaner air in your office. Win-win!

4. Grow Office Plants

Having some plants in the workplace offers an external stimulus from our brains, allowing us to focus on – and care for – something other than our daily tasks.

Plants can also help people feel more at home and relaxed in the workplace, boosting the mood and comfort levels of staff members.

Plus, no one can dispute that plants add a nice splash of colour to any office!

5. Assess your Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of designing workspaces in a way that limits stress on the human body.

These can be simple tweaks like ensuring screens are at the right height or using keyboards designed to minimize the risk or repetitive motion injuries.

These things may seem small, but ensuring your workspace is designed with comfort and productivity in mind will help to improve the workplace wellbeing within your company.

Treating breaks with the ‘little and often’ approach will help boost overall productivity (hammock optional)

6. Encourage Multiple, Short Breaks

Encouraging more breaks might not sound like the best way to increase productivity, but by taking even 5 minutes away from your desk, maybe even taking a short walk, inspiration might strike!

Walking away from a problem, or even just walking in general, can invigorate you to get back to it… as well as providing a little perspective. Sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves that even at work, we’re allowed to be positive – stress isn’t the answer.

7. Introduce a Water Challenge

Tell your staff to track how many days a month they drink at least 8 glasses of water, and whoever drank the most wins a small prize at the end of the month. Simple!

Your staff are staying hydrated throughout the day which will improve focus and productivity. Plus, the small element of competition should encourage them along the way.

If someone in your team seems distant, ensure you provide a safe space for them to talk

8. Promote Mental Health Awareness

Estimates suggest that 1 in 4 people in the world will be affected by mental health disorders at some point in their lifetime. It might seem like a shockingly high statistic, but with mental health remaining a taboo subject, it’s no wonder that not many people are open about it.

To encourage wellbeing in your workplace, make sure people know that your workplace is open about the conversation – sometimes just being willing to talk about the topic can encourage someone who needs it to seek help.

9. Don’t Let Frustrated People Keep Working

Frustrated people don’t get things done, so if you notice a staff member getting frustrated with their work, remind them that it’s okay for them to take a moment. Why not suggest they walk around the block and get some fresh air?

They’ll likely feel better for putting things on pause for a moment, and be more productive when they get back.

Having games available promotes healthy competition and teamwork. Extra points for holding your very own company tournament!

10. Play a Game on Breaks

Having a couple of games in the office might sound like a distraction at first, but if people play games on their break they develop relationships with their coworkers and really get their mind off work – especially effective if they’re having a stressful day.

It might sound backwards, but really moving away from work during a break means that people will be ready to dive back in when they have to.

Why not take this step to the next level by subscribing to a monthly office activities service? You can find out more about this here.

So there are 10 easy ways to improve workplace wellbeing at your company! They might seem small, but they can make a real difference to the wellbeing of your staff.

Give them a try, and if the positive effects mean you’re ready to really invest in the wellbeing of your staff, get in touch with us;