Using the research presented in ‘Gallups – State of the American workforce’ this blog will present you with some alarming figures behind staff turnover, why it occurs and how managers can address the problem before it becomes too late.

1. Your staff could be looking elsewhere

Within Gallups study, it was found that 16% of the 195,000 employees questioned are actively disengaged when at work. Of that nearly 200,000 employees, a mind-blowing 51% consider themselves to be “just there” when they get to work.

Just over 50% of those employees are scrolling through their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn actively looking for better job prospects and opportunities! It is at this point employers need to ask the question “what am I doing in my organisation to change this?”. 

 2. An engaged employee = a safe employee

Within Gallup’s research, he noticed quite the difference in the overall performance of safety when comparing workplaces.

 Organisations who had actively engaged employees had a substantial decrease in the amount of work-related safety incidents, a 70% decrease as a matter of fact. 

So why is this? Well, an engaged employee pays ALOT more attention to work and their surroundings as opposed to the disengaged employee who can become oblivious to their environment which can increase the potential for an accident quite significantly. 

3. Twice the engagement means twice the success

 Amongst his findings (Gallup of course) it’s key to mention that companies who focus on employee engagement outperformed most of their competitors within their industry.

For example, products saw a 40% decrease overall in quality defects, absenteeism shrunk by 39% and staff turnover saw a reduction of 59% What can you take away from this? its simples, a positive work culture breeds positive conclusions. 

 4. General Errors follow disengaged employees

There is clear evidence out there, including Forbes who show that there is a 60% increase in employee errors if they are left feeling disengaged, especially when it continues to go unnoticed. 

how much is that actually costing?”

The disengaged workforce is costing the U.S economy around…….540,000,000,000 per year! How do you counteract this? as was mentioned in a previous blog, it’s all about implementing a feedback loop that leaves your employees feeling involved in the process. 

These three simple steps will help employers, managers and HR professionals address the issue of staff turnover before its too late. 

  • Stop – set aside time from the day to address the wellbeing of your employees
  • Look – Does anything look out of the ordinary? Has someones suddenly gone quiet? Whatever the case, make sure if you see it, it’s your responsibility as an employer to spot it and address it 
  • Listen – Have a  regular 1-to-1 with staff to ensure employer and employee relationships are built on transparency and trust

The aim of this blog is not to alarm organisations of impending doom, but instead to enlighten them about the potential issues and what they can implement to help address the subject.