Key Group celebrate Fun At Work win!

When The Fun Experts attended the NWEEG (North West Employee Experience Group) Awards, to celebrate the night and the fantastic achievements of businesses investing in the employee experience and engagement, Fun At Work were giving away one month’s free employee engagement fun!

The night featured some truly worthy winners as the awards celebrated employee engagement and workplace wellbeing, but stepping into the Cash Grabber, Sam Parkinson (Learning & Development Consultant) of Preston based Key Group didn’t know she was about to steal the show as the lucky winner of Fun At Work.

Following the big night, The Fun Experts reached out to Sam to let her know about the big win. Liaising with both Sam and Steve James (Head of Facilities Management of Key Group), it was decided that Fun At Work would be introduced as part of the opening of a new office at Key Group on Pittman Way in Fulwood, Preston.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to highlight the importance of having Fun At Work for a business and really showcase the impact it is having on businesses across the North West and the wider UK” Sunny Sandwell, Director of Fun and Founder of Fun At Work, said.

“It has been a great way to escape and reenergise from daily work life.”

Sam Parkinson – Assoc CIPD

Over the last month, the team(s) at Key Group have been able to enjoy the Fun to be had with a piece of interactive equipment. Introducing it as part of a new office opening was a fantastic introduction to the new starters but just as importantly, for the wider employee group, the experience was able to bring them all together. But it’s more than just a game! The power behind Fun At Work comes down to how a company and its people fully embrace the purpose behind it all.

As Sam rightly said herself, it’s a way to escape and reenergise from daily work life. Revitalising your people in their working day by providing Fun, it isn’t a ‘distraction’ when it has purpose. And it’s a purpose businesses can fully support as evidence shows by introducing fun into the workplace, caring for the wellbeing of your people, performance increases; staff retention is higher, reducing recruitment costs; morale is boosted; silos broken as teams come together across the business.

“It’s been great…and people from all over the business have come over to have a game.”

Sam Parkinson – Assoc CIPD

“Definitely the best prize I have ever won!”

Sam Parkinson – Assoc CIPD

Having won a month of Fun At Work, this initial impact for Key Group is coming to an end, but what of the lasting impression it has had on the people and the company itself? That’s a story perhaps you want to start yourself for your own business…

To find out how you can introduce Fun At Work to your business, get in touch with The Fun Experts at Fun At Work by completing the form below.