Mental Health at Work

Mental health problems in work cost the UK economy £34.9bn through reduced performance, staff turnover and absence

With 1 in 6 employees suffering from stress, anxiety or depression due to their workplace, it’s your responsibility to ensure each individual is relieved from any intense pressures and mentally at ease within their job role.

By becoming a part of the Fun at Work family, you can protect each employee by giving them a space to unload those unwanted worries from their weary shoulders.

You’ll be sparking creativity and flare, as we all know our best ideas come to us when we aren’t sat at our desks forcing them, and mentally given your employees a short break to re-boost, repower and readjust, in order to be a member on your world-class team.

And it’s not only your employees who’ll benefit…

Did you know that we could save you over £24,000 per year?

A recent report was carried out by Oxford Economics which revealed that the recruitment process to replace members of staff incurs a significant cost for employers: a whopping £30,614 per employee.

And with an intense 75% of staff turnover actually being preventable (HR Drive), it’s just a question as to ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ you achieve that.

At Fun at Work, you aren’t just transforming your office with exciting puzzles and stimulating brain puzzles; you’ll be sculpting the mindset of your team. Each member of staff will have the opportunity to reduce stress, decrease anxieties, encourage productivity and spread positivity.

All of which will help to attract and retain high calibre millennial employees…

Saving you those hefty recruitment fees and hours of valuable time from the hiring process.