It’s no secret that “happiness makes us healthy“, not just emotionally, but also physically. This blog will outline the simple benefits that happiness within the workplace can bring to the whole organisation and its overarching culture. 

Happiness fights heart disease!

Recent studies by scientists over at the University Medical Centre in New York have completed groundbreaking research. Their findings show a direct correlation between those who show positive emotions and therefore experience a lesser chance of cardiovascular disease, as opposed to those who demonstrate more of a negative perspective during their daily lives.

The research posted in the European Heart Journal measured 1,739 healthy adults over 10 years in order to collect their data. Their study brought to light that people who experience more positive emotions such as joy, happiness and excitement were 22% less likely to suffer from heart complications. 

Happy lives = Happy immune system

It’s very common this time of year for the common individual to be bogged down with flu. That being said, the best remedy to ward off the lurgy is, in fact, a helpful dose of happiness.

Just applying a simple method of positive and constructive thinking can go a very long way when it comes to building up the immune system. This new way of thinking stimulates changes in the body that set about building and reinforcing the immune system, provide relief from stress and instilling positive emotions. 

Happiness trumps stress

Some of these quick tips canl instantly help you reduce stress and open the mind up to more for positive cognitive functioning. 

  • Play (Tennis, Hiking, Golf)
  • Exercise (Jogging, Yoga)  
  • Laughing (Comedy nights, Friends)
  • Socialising (Walking clubs, Poetry clubs Any kind of clubs

Happiness helps fight the pain

Aches, pain and fatigue can feel considerably worse when individuals are also carrying a negative attitude? That’s why substituting this for a happier outlook helps to stem the feeling of common pains and niggles.

When we have positive emotions, our body releases endorphins into the bloodstream, and as endorphins are the bodies natural paracetamol, people can quite literally say they laughed the pain away. 

Happiness can combat health conditions

A 2008 study of more than 10,000 Australias found that people who demonstrate a more positive outlook and happier sense of being on a daily basis are 1.5 times less likely to suffer from long term medical conditions. 

Happiness lets us live longer

A famous and longitudinal study conducted on Catholic Nuns by Deborah Danner et al found that the happiest of Nuns lived 5-10 years longer than their negative counterparts. 

A positive mind = regular happiness which effects the physical wellbeing, and it is this simple equation of happiness that forms the very platform that creates inner peace for an individual. 


“it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown”. Happiness is a critical component in all aspects of our lives, whether it in our personal lives or our work life, happiness should be a uniform that people wear no matter the occasion.