Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy aims to help you understand what information we might collect about you and how we use it. All information is supplied by you via our enquiry options for your event needs.

Fun At Work (The Fun Experts) are the sole data controller of the data you provide to us and we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We will comply with all applicable data protection laws in all our dealings with your data. As of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came in to effect. Beyond this date, we will continue to communicate with you for things that you would reasonably expect to receive from us, such as: communications relating to your event, relevant new products for your event type, possible future events and services / support you will find useful in your event planning needs.

All data collected from you is provided by you via either our Contact Form (website), Direct Contact (telephone) or Social Media (enquiry by direct messaging). This data is relevant to your event enquiry only, and limited to your event (type) needs. When you enquire with us via these means, you are actively opting in to receive marketing communications from us. These communications are for services provided by Sunshine Events only and in relation to our relationship. You can unsubscribe or opt-out from our mailing list at any time. Every email we send you will have an ‘unsubscribe’ link contained within it.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact our team by emailing

So, what information do we need to assist in your Event planning?
All information we collect is supplied by you at the time of your enquiry. The data we request is to better service your event needs and will include:

Your name, business name (if applicable), telephone number and email address Addresses for invoicing purposes and for event delivery
If you contact us, we will keep a record of the correspondence.
(where applicable) Purchase Order Reference

Details of your visits to our websites and emails including, but not limited to, traffic data, location data, web logs, IP address – this would be required for our own billing purposes and otherwise.
How do we collect your information?
There are various ways in which you can provide your data to us. Depending on how you use our site and which page you enquire through, we
collect information by the following methods:

1. Direct – This is information you supply to us direct via our numerous enquiry options or telephone enquiries. You can enquire via our site using the Contact Form, Quick Enquiry, Quote Request and Brochure Request. When contacting us by telephone, your call is logged and your details entered by our team securely in to our enquiry / booking system.

2. System – This is when our system collects data as you use our website, as is typical of many websites, which is necessary to operate and monitor the performance of a site. This can be broken down to:

Cookies – These are small files that are stored on your browser when you visit websites. The main purpose is to record your interaction with a website (time spent on the site, pages visited etc). The information collected is to better inform Analytics, authentication and sessions to name a few. A purpose of cookie files is to ensure a better experience when using (or returning to) a website.
Devices – Modern technology has brought us various devices including smart phones, tablets, PC’s et al. In order to ensure our website and enquiry process is working at it’s best, we record the device types used to ensure a satisfactory user experience (UX).

Why do we ask you to supply your information?
For legitimate business purposes in order to offer you the high level of service expected of the Fun Experts and provide you with our service for your
event needs. We collect this information so we can:

Provide you with a ‘quote’ for your event
To support you and share our knowledge in providing you with your event requirements
To deliver the equipment hire and carry out our obligations as per our contract
To notify you about any changes to our service
To be proactive in enhancing the security of our network and information systems
To communicate with your about our services, new equipment; all information that we believe will be of interest to you for your future events To continue to improve the services we provide you and our clients
Do we share your information with anyone?
The short answer is NO. Your data is collected at the enquiry stage purely to allow our team to supply you with and support you with your event needs. Your data is securely stored on our own UK Mainland Server for purposes to promote to you our event services for any possible future events you may hold.

We do not share personal / professional data with any third parties, with the exception of core service providers (external entertainers for example), who we may bring in to service your event – these include, and are not limited to, Face Painters; Funfair Ride providers, Circus Skills Entertainers, Walkabout Entertainers.

How long do we hold your information for?
In order to support you in future events, we hold your information in order to contact you and promote new services in line with your event needs. Your data is not shared with third parties for any marketing purposes.

Should you wish for us to remove your information from our database, your data will be securely deleted. You can request this be done by phone, email or using the unsubscribe option on an email to opt-out.

How is your data stored and, more importantly, protected?
All information collected within our database is stored on our secure servers, right here in mainland UK. Our systems are password protected, with two factor authentication required. Access to our database is only accessible via employees of Sunshine Events, with restricted access levels
dependant on their role / position. Access to our system is via static IP only.

Cookie Policy

To comply with EU legislation that was introduced in May 2012, this page documents how this website might collect information as you browse and use it to provide a tailored service to improve your online experience.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small files which collect and store small amounts of data as you browse which can be accessed later by our web server or your own computer to provide a more tailored browsing experience.

A cookie is sometimes created when you load a new webpage and then stored in your browser’s cache. This enables this website to use this information to remember your personal settings and preferences when you revisit the website.

Cookies are often used when you log in to a website or submit a form, allowing us to use that information throughout our service and prevent you from entering the same information on multiple occasions.

It is possible to disable cookies in your browser, but is likely to result in a less streamlined browsing experience.
The cookies that are used by this website are listed below, along with an explanation of how and why they are used.

Cookies we use
Google provide services for web statistics, social media, video content and maps.

Analytics is a web statistics service that tracks how people find and use websites. The information is anonymous and helps webmasters plan improvements to websites.

Google also runs a social media service called Google+ and the +1 button requires Google login for full functionality. Google’s video content is provided by YouTube, which uses the same cookie procedures as the analytics and +1 platforms.

Other cookies for features such as Google Maps may also be used, which may track your approximate location in order to provide directions and distances to certain locations.

For more information on Google’s services and how they use cookies, please see their privacy policy below:

Information or preferences that you enter into our website may sometimes be stored in a cookie. Data entered into login or feedback forms is likely to be stored in this way, allowing us to ensure you stay connected to the website without having to enter the same details on multiple occasions.

Opt Out
Methods for disabling cookies differ across different web browsers.

For information on how to disable cookies in your own particular web browser, visit the link below:

You can remove existing cookies from your browser by clearing your web history and cache.

Note: Disabling cookies is likely to mean you experience a less streamlined browsing experience. Most users prefer for cookies to be enabled but you do have the option through your web browser to disable or clear them at any time if you wish.

Communication – Phone Calls / Email
To help us maintain a high level of customer service, when you call our offices your call may be monitored and recorded. Email communication is stored within your booking in order for our team to to better deal with your enquiry / event.

Payment Details
When paying for our services, you can do so via BACS or over the telephone. No debit / credit card details are stored on our database when a payment is taken. Using WorldPay for card transactions, once the transaction is processed, no record of the card details are stored.

As much as strive to become a paperless office, there are certain aspects across departments that require the use of paper. Any paperwork that contains your data is kept secure within our offices and destroyed by shredder only.

Changes to Sunshine Events Privacy Policy
In future, there may be changes made to our Privacy Policy. Any and all changes will be posted on this page and accessible by you. Should it be appropriate, you may be informed by email. In order to keep up to date with any changes made to this policy, please check back regularly for updates.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, your data and Sunshine Events, then please do not hesitate to get in touch at