Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd – Case Study

Contact Centre, Altrincham, 400 Employees


Carole Nash Insurance are a Bike Insurance Specialist. Founded by Carole Nash in 1985 on the back of her redundancy cheque after having been made redundant from a previous employer, the business today – over 30 years later – offers not only first class service, but a first class working environment.

With benefits that reward and care for employees at Carole Nash Insurance Ltd, it was time to introduce something different that would encompass everything that we place under the umbrella of Employee Engagement and the benefits, for both business and employees. 

“Each month the equipment looks great. Good for engaging employees with good results.”

David Judge – Specialist Team Leader



All you need to ensure Fun At Work is a success for your business is a willingness to have fun and space. When the latter proved a slight issue, the former ensured that success was still guaranteed…

Introducing two pieces of equipment to the business meant that there was not enough room in the initial desied location. Amongst the employees themeselves it became a distraction but without letting that be a ‘reason’ not to introduce Fun At Work and understanding the benefits that would come, quick action was taken.

The willingness to have fun and understanding the health benefits – both physical and mental – and the positive impact on productivity and culture, a new area within the business was found to place Fun At Work.

This new area provided more space and not too close to an individuals working area to become too distractive when the day to day has to be the focus.

Introducing incentives along with the interaction of the equipment ensured that it was a success. 



It’s a fear of those who tread the boards of Broadway, to hear boo’s and heckles. Thankfully for Fun At Work, on this occassion it was in jest.

Delivering the equipment each month gives Fun At Work a valued opportunity to re-engage with clients ourselves and see first hand how the initiative is being received at ground level. And on the first ‘switch-over’ day, boo’s could be heard as the equipment was taken away, quickly replaced with cheers when it was realised the new month’s piece was installed!

To see how the teams had embraced Fun At Work first hand was (and always is) a special moment. Carole Nash utilised Fun At Work as much as possible, engaging employees with competitions and montly awards presentations for ‘Fun Champion’.

“The impact has been brilliant. Fun at Work is a big benefit and we know the staff really appreciate it.”

Laura Wetherill – HR Manager, Regatta Great Outdoors

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