Magma Digital – Case Study

Software Development, Chorley, 20+ employees


Based in Chorley, Preston, Magma Digital was on of the first businesses in the UK to embrace Fun At Work. Recognised in their industry for their expertise and providing a culture based on strong values that attract the country’s top qualified workers in their field, Magma Digital was looking for that extra initiative that helped support staff retention…

Fun At Work was approached based on the initiative that staff engagement, retention, performance & productivity could all be affected, thus Magma Digital would become one of the first businesses in the UK to introduce Fun At Work.

“We work in a volatile industry, with the average tenure of an employee just 18 months. Keeping the and retaining the right talent in this sector is absolutely pivotal to our success. Through schemes like Fun At Work, we’ve managed to create a really strong culture.”

Carrie Nestor – Director of Operations, Magma Digital


In an industry as competitive as the digital one, not just in clients and business but gathering the right talent, it was important for Magma Digital to introduce initiatives and incentives that go above just a good salary.

The industry is volatile, with employees often moving on to the next company. For Magma, it was vital to them to keep the talent that contribute to an amazing culture and deliver for their clients.  


Carrie Nestor, Director of Operations says “Each day our staff take a few minutes break to play, whether that’s on an Atari Pong Table one month, or Virtual Bowling the next, it’s some time out to help bring the team together through competition and a de-stress break from whatever project they’re working on.” 

This all goes toward providing a nurturing environment for the people of Magma Digital. One that allows them to work in within an environment that doesn’t add stress and pressure on what can be a stressful industry, instead providing support and bringing teams together.

Having already built such a strong culture for their workforce, Fun At Work was able to support the business in its goal to retain the talent they have recruited over time, who themselves make Magma Digital the leading business that it is in its sector.

“As a business supporting and nurturing our team of talent is at the heart of our ethos and when we heard about Fun At Work, we knew we had to take part.”

Carrie Nestor – Director of Operations, Magma Digital


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