Regatta Great Outdoors – Case Study

Leisure Clothing Manufacturer, Manchester, x1300 employees


A family run company since 1981, Regatta Great Outdoors employs over 1300 staff. Focus has always been placed on creating a caring and supportive culture that makes their offices a fun, engaging and productive place to work. The former warehouse has been transformed to become an open plan, bright and funky office space, with inclusion of table football, table tennis and dedicated gym, all designed to foster a positive working environment.

Looking for further inspiration, Regatta engaged Fun at Work to bring a fresh variety of activities on a monthly basis to engage employees.

“Fun is absolutely fundamental to keeping our staff engaged, motivated and happy ultimately leading to a more productive and profitable workforce. Fun at Work has been a great addition to the fun we already have….everyone can’t wait to see what’s arriving next.”

Jo – HR Director



Laura Wetherill, HR Manager, informed us about the sudden ‘Meerkat’ syndrome that was occurring in the offices. Every day she would be walking through the office and then someone would pop up from their desk asking “is it here?” or “what fun is coming next?”

She would feel like a celebrity as she held the information on the next piece of Fun at Work and all the staff were dying to get the inside scoop. Employee feedback referred to ‘fun everyone can take part in’ and ‘…something new and different in the games room rather than the same equipment all the time gathering dust.’


Laura worked with our Fun Experts to ensure the service was managed inline with the business operations. Teams were advised when appropriate to play and employees conscious not to take Fun at Work for granted, ‘…they know they can’t just go and play on a giant operation for three hours if they have emails building up.’


The team at Regatta used Fun at Work for motivation and viewed it as ‘a privilege and benefit’. Line managers recognise it as a motivational tool that gives their teams energy which they then bring back to their desk and work, ‘….everything gets done more efficiently with a fresh head and fresh eyes. 

Since Fun at Work was introduced at Regatta, the HR team has noticed more people who wouldn’t normally go to the games room actively taking part with the fun. They attribute this to the freshness and revamping of the equipment that Fun at Work exchange every month. And from a recruitment perspective they recognise Fun at Work makes them an attractive choice, impressing those who visit.

“The impact has been brilliant. Fun at Work is a big benefit and we know the staff really appreciate it.”

Laura Wetherill – HR Manager, Regatta Great Outdoors

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