Regatta Great Outdoors

Regatta Great Outdoors

We went to visit Regatta Great Outdoors to see how they are enjoying the latest Fun At Work experience we brought to the inside of their Manchester Headquarters.

Since 1981 Regatta is a family run company that focuses on leisure clothing that competes with the likes of Slazenger and Karrimor, as well as employing well over 1300 staff.

With such a large team running Regatta Great Outdoors, they massively support having an atmosphere and culture that makes their offices a fun, engaging and productive place to work. This is clearly evident by the fantastic rooms they have housing things from Table Football to a gym room for their staff.

We got to sit down with and speak with their HR Manager Laura to discuss the changes they have noticed and some of the amazing feedback she has received from the team.

“With Fun at Work, we find that people who we wouldn’t even normally see in our games room were getting involved and having a go because it was new each month”.

Laura informed us about the sudden ‘Meerkat’ syndrome that was occurring in the offices. Every day she would be walking through the office and then someone would pop up from their desk asking “is it here?” or “what fun is coming next?”

She would feel like a celebrity as she held the information on the next piece of Fun at Work and all the staff were dying to get the inside scoop.

Since Fun at Work Laura has noticed a lot more people who wouldn’t normally go to the games room actively taking part with the fun. She believes this to be down to the freshness and revamping of the equipment that Fun at Work exchange every month.

Speaking with members of staff, we have been able to hear the positive effect Fun at Work is having within their offices:

“It has been great to challenge each other trying to beat each other’s top score. Fun at Work is good fun (single or with colleagues) and provides some aerobic activity too which is great when you’ve been sat down all day!”.

“It brings a different dimension to the games room”.

“It was fun and something different to do during a break. Also, a very sociable thing to do to mix with each department”.

It is clear to see from speaking to Regatta that not only is the refresh of fun creating more energy and excitement within the office, it is also increasing productivity as well as it has given their employees the incentive to complete there work first so they can enjoy their new Fun at Work.

It’s great to see organisations such as Regatta already implementing a culture of fun within their workplace. We cannot wait to continue bringing them an ever-changing library of Fun at Work.


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May 13, 2019