Zuto Car Finance – Case Study

Contact Centre, Macclesfield | x200 Employees



Working in a high pressure environment, the management team at Zuto recognise and support the importance of creating a fun atmosphere within the workplace and continuously strive to improve their offices accordingly. Looking to create a dedicated space for their employees which would allow them to get away from their desks, take a break and encourage fun, they turned to Fun at Work for inspiration as previous efforts simply providing table tennis, was used little and by the same group of people. The idea of having new pieces of fun equipment arriving every month was instantly embraced.

“Having something for people to come in and engage with has really helped boost morale. Having Fun at Work has made a huge impact to our business. The atmosphere is great…”

David Rollinson (Mental Health First Aider) – Zuto Car Finance


Fun at Work has delivered a positive and lasting effect on the staff; creating a buzz of comradery and engagement, flowing throughout their headquarters.

Working alongside the Fun Experts to ensure a successful implementation, Zuto ran competitions during break and lunchtime. Creating the opportunity for healthy competition, David Rollision, Facilities Manager & Mental Health First Aider recognised the renewed energy across the various departments with engagement by all employees competing against each other.

Zuto used the upbeat atmosphere to help feed their social media strategy, showcasing to current and prospective employees the fun and engaging place to work that Zuto is, aiding staff retention and recruitment.

Another great example of how this service impacted directly on employees came from a member of the sales team, who recently quit smoking and explained how Fun at Work has helped him continue to stay smoke free, ‘ “I gave up smoking at the beginning of the year so used to having a couple of breaks in the morning and a couple in the afternoon. Having given up smoking its nice to come and have a play with a game”


People and Culture Director, Louise Northcott recognises that by introducing new ways to have fun, teams are at their highest level of productivity, ‘We’re all about teamwork and the opportunity to get involved in competition brings everyone together. It’s great to see employees take a break and network with members from across our business.’

Creating the opportunity for the Zuto team to connect has brought people together that wouldn’t normally get a chance to communicate, and all over a shared love for fun.

‘We’re definitely enjoying having Fun at Work and can’t wait to hold competitions with each piece of new equipment we receive!’

Louise Northcott (People and Culture Director) – Zuto Car Finance