More often than not, businesses are more than willing to adopt these innovative, stress relieving and productivity boosting activities into their offices, as they instantly recognise the contribution it will make to creating a world class team.

But we do understand that some business owners can be sceptical…

So, if that’s you, then do not fear, this page has been made entirely for the purpose of answering your questions.

Hopefully, this will help to make your decision easier!

But if you’re still unsure, how about implementing our 10 step guide to improving workplace wellbeing first.

We’re certain it’ll help you see just what creating a positive workplace can do. 

According to Harvard Business Review…

Evidence shows that teams who take regular time out to have some fun at work are not only more productive but produce a much higher quality of work and are:


HAPPIER in their role


Less likely to CALL IN SICK





Plus, creating a better culture will help you to attract and retain better people – something that every world-class team needs.

All items meet the following criteria:

Age independent

so all staff can participate


to give purpose to the fun

5-10 minutes ‘play’ time

so staff can get in, get out and get on with their day