A stand out a figure from the ‘2018 Employee Engagement & Loyalty Statistics‘ states that “93% of employees want training that is easy to complete/understand, 91% want it to be personalized/relevant, and 90% want it to be engaging/fun”.

Armed with that information, the aim of today’s blog will be to bring some quick tips on how to spice up and bring that fun factor within a staff training enviroment.

 1. Creative Play

This means to implement real-world simulations that will not only increase productivity and new solutions but help to create a more stimulated workforce.

Creative Play ideas could involve:

  • Use your employee’s inner art to create paintings or drawings to visualise complex concepts and abstract ideas
  • Role play common occurrences in the workplace and use this time to act out challenges and solutions to these 
  • Use your employee’s knowledge to create and execute a training video that can be used to help with any future training you may have

2. Gaming your Training

As explained in a previous blog, there’s nothing wrong with a healthy bit of competition in the office, in fact, it can help breed creativity and innovation amongst peers.

It’s key to remember that when employers increase competition in the office, they will also see an increase in their employee engagement. 

 Ideas include:

  • Implementing rewards and score systems is a great way of enticing the most engagement out of employees
  • Having a workforce create there own game, not only ensures the content is handcrafted by and for the employees, but it also helps build much clearer communication between employees

3. Cut the Crap…

When it comes to designing a training programme for employees, it is important to ask the question “will my staff actually give a damn about my ideas?”.

Nothing is more mind-numbingly soul destroying than taking part in lacklustre activities that employees are required to take part in. Not only are managers wasting their employees time but it’s also most likely going to cost them money and that’s an asset no employer can afford to lose. 

So what’s the best way to build the content around them? All employers need to do is talk to them, it’s that simple. Not only will opening up dialogue with employees generate a better understanding of ideas, more akin to the staff, but it will, in fact, build far clearer communication and trust between the employer and employee relationship.  

5. Staff road trip 

It’s not all about in house training. It’s about getting out of the office and into something more stimulating for all parties involved. 

Some ideas for outings include:

  • Go Ape
  • Escape Rooms
  • Go-Karting 


Staff turnover can occur in any sector within a business, a lot of the time you may not be able to see it, however, like explained in this blog, there are many ways to help combat this an employer such as through staff training.

Is staff turnover a concern for you? Maybe you have some other ideas to help boost your training engagement. Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know.