As we mentioned in a previous blog, an individuals career plays a significant role within their lives and overall day to day, hence there is more of a demand for organisations to provide employees positive experience and atmosphere whilst at work.

Again, as mentioned in past blog, employees nowadays are motivated by other aspects and not just financial reward. It’s the work-life balance that focuses on the intrinsic/extrinsic factors that give individuals a deeper sense of purpose.

The aim of this blog will to be to provide employers with ideas that will ensure their work culture is positive and enticing to current and future employees.

Communicate, liaise and feedback

Being social is a trait that is instilled in us from a very early age. Therefore, within our working environment, it’s key for employers to schedule team meetings as well as a 1:1 meeting with their employees, making sure that transparency remains at the forefront of communication.

When granting feedback to their staff, leaders should build the conversation around these points.

  • What do you find to be the biggest issues as an employee?
  • Are there particular areas that the company are failing to maintain?
  • Personally, what do you believe is negatively affecting your role?

Encouraging open communication with staff can be a real catalyst when it comes to creating a positive work atmosphere. It is openness that helps to build trust and confidence between an employee and their leadership.

Build relationships

When it comes to teamwork, creativity breeds creativity and having employees that gain positive energy from their peers can only help bolster their overall productivity thanks to a positive collaborative connection.

Therefore, it’s pivotal that employees set aside opportunities for team building events to carefully nurture and support these working relationships. Whether its healthy in-office competition or employee away days, the smallest input can still have a significant impact.

Spread the word

If an employee feels as though the work they are doing is making a positive and significant impact, this goes will go a long way in bolstering their self-esteem. However, it’s a give and takes relationship meaning that it’s important for their employers to notice these wins and ensure they are rewarded accordingly with more than just a “thank you” and a firm handshake.

When it comes to rewarding staff it’s integral to make sure the reward is tailored to that individual. This helps to add more of a ‘Human’ aspect to the message and therefore strengthen the employee-employer relationship.

Lead by example

When it comes to leading an organisation in the right direction ensuring overall productivity, it begins with the leadership and filters through to the next in line and so on.

Good leadership provides achievable goals, objectives and creates a purpose for their employees. However, amazing leadership goes beyond the realm of just good organisation skills, it’s about showing openness and understanding.

Amazing managers lead with emotional intelligence, they have created a non-judgmental environment that doesn’t finger point and understands mistakes are sometimes made. By building an atmosphere built on trust rather than apprehension.

It is through this trust that leaders are able to motivate, inspire a create a feeling of camaraderie within the office.

Have your say…

Are you an employer who has great techniques that created a positive working atmosphere, or maybe your an employee who loves their working environment. Leave a message in the comment and let us know what you think.